Time to start!

With the spring sun I felt the energy for starting with something I always wanted to do which is showing to all the people the beauty of this world that is much smaller than we imagine and much more achievable than we think. So stay tuned for the reviling all the secrets of Lisbon and … More Time to start!

Where is Galicia?

Some time ago I had a chance to visit my good friend in Galicia. It was my first time in Spain.. well Galicia is Galicia, Spain is Spain.. at least that’s what I was hearing all the time before going there, and that’s what I felt as well. As Galicia is so close from Lisbon … More Where is Galicia?

São Miguel

I still remember the first time travelling to an island, amazing landscapes, breathing with full breast, feeling so relaxed, so far from home. I missed this feeling, that’s why I wanted so badly to escape from Lisbon just even for a second. If you are living or visiting Lisbon Açores are the best get away spot for lovers … More São Miguel