Lisbon and music

Lisbon has to offer a lot of cultural events for everyone. I love concerts and I always try to find few of the good ones during the year to attend. When I saw a news that the Ludovico Eunaldi will give a concert I knew I needed to be there and it was one of … More Lisbon and music

Lisbon Story Sailors

Travelling and getting to know different places makes us better people. We get more open to unknown, we broad our horizons and our problems don’t seem so big from a distance. I rather learn about culture from locals thank from guidebooks and in Lisbon there is no better way to do it than a Lisbon Story … More Lisbon Story Sailors

Hello Martim Moniz

I have no idea why the time is passing so fast and yesterday I realised that I did not touch my website or youtube for some weeks.. but finally I found some motivation to edit the video about one of my favourite spots in Lisbon- Martim Moniz/ Dragon Square. Martim Moniz is not just a … More Hello Martim Moniz

Time to start!

With the spring sun I felt the energy for starting with something I always wanted to do which is showing to all the people the beauty of this world that is much smaller than we imagine and much more achievable than we think. So stay tuned for the reviling all the secrets of Lisbon and … More Time to start!