Hello Martim Moniz

I have no idea why the time is passing so fast and yesterday I realised that I did not touch my website or youtube for some weeks.. but finally I found some motivation to edit the video about one of my favourite spots in Lisbon- Martim Moniz/ Dragon Square.

Martim Moniz is not just a name of a square, it is a name of a very famous hero back here. He was a knight that sacrificed himself lodging his own body in the doorway preventing the defenders from fully closing the door during some kind of a big deal invasion.

So definitely he deserves to has the square named after him. Good job Martim! I like this place so much because it is mix of everything and everyone can feel comfortable there to chill and relax. You can find few bars there with decent prices of the drinks but deadly strong caipirinhas e morangoskach – do not drink  this of this on a empty stomach- been there, done that..

The place is spacious enough that different kind of events are taking place there like Street  Food or Holly Festival, you can more info on their Facebook.

But the most important part of this post is of course the short video I managed to make, but believe me after those deadly drinks it ain’t easy…




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