Oh Alentejo

In more than a week I will be packing to go back to one of the places that I can visit but I could not imagine myself living there- Alentejo region in Portugal.

I am going to Beja- very small city that probably nothing is going on there, but it’s cute. Last time I was there I made a stop in Evora- very nice city, way bigger than Beja and with much more to see 🙂

So why I could not to live in Atentejo? If I say people are lazy there is that an insult? Probably, so I will not say this… but it is just everything is very slow even the food and it is so heavy that after few days I feel like pregnant bear. Maybe it is partly because of the weather- it is very very hot there and i mean real hot like 40 degrees – which for me is crazy! Alentejo has its good sides obviously but comparing it with Lisbon- no way.

You can see pretty Evora here in the vide I made:





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