Take a walk in Lisbon

Sometimes is hard to start doing something different, it’s hard because you care about what people would think, if they will judge you or criticise. After some time (a very long one..) I got to the point when I don’t give a damn anymore.. it took me a while to realise that there are just those kind of people that don’t like when you are happy. They don’t like when you do something different that makes you excited- writing a blog, making movies, dancing.. anything. They are laughing and talking shit behind your back. It is their job. I know them very well. I was surrounded by them a long time, I think If I wouldn’t move (move with life, not in a sense of a place) I would become one of them.. But I chose to be happy. I let others to be happy.

I started to make videos of what surrounds me, of a beautiful Lisbon and it’s all great places and I am planning to improve my skills, learn how to edit better and just go with something that makes me smile 🙂

Do not ever stop with something because of stupid fear of judgment. This will never change. Only you can!

Beijos, tem um bom fim de semana.


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