Where is Galicia?

Some time ago I had a chance to visit my good friend in Galicia. It was my first time in Spain.. well Galicia is Galicia, Spain is Spain.. at least that’s what I was hearing all the time before going there, and that’s what I felt as well.

As Galicia is so close from Lisbon you can catch a bus to Pontavedra, Vigo or Coruna easily and in few hours you are there.

For me it was more visiting a friend and spending time catching up thansightseeing all day long, but still we caught amazing weather so we spend some time walking around and laying on the beach 🙂

I must admit that I was I tried Spanish cuisine from the best cook ever- which is my mum’s friend so obviously I fell in love with tortilla and octopus!

And I decided to made my first short movie/ clip because it is hard to explain the beauty of some places only on pictures.

As I know nothing about shooting videos this is a bit random, shaky and messy but I enjoyed the process of making and want to learn more !




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