São Miguel

I still remember the first time travelling to an island, amazing landscapes, breathing with full breast, feeling so relaxed, so far from home. I missed this feeling, that’s why I wanted so badly to escape from Lisbon just even for a second.

IMG_0161.jpgIf you are living or visiting Lisbon Açores are the best get away spot for lovers of green landscapes. I am so fortunate that have relatives living there, so had a chance to see amazing things that are not so easy to reach by tourists.

I took the direct flight to Ponta Delgada which is a nice, quiet port city with amazing restaurants, food market where you can buy local products like cheese or pineapples and good spot with hotels and hostels to sleep.

IMG_0003.jpgAs the city is quite small you can walk it in half of a day finishing with the local beer and planning car trip to the real cause of your trip! Because the car is needed, I can’t imagine myself walking so long and up to the mountains.. but maybe for the breathtaking lagoons and waterfalls I would?IMG_0245.jpg

The only thing about driving – mind the cows, they are everywhere !

IMG_0273.jpgThe must have of the trip besides all the views are the hot springs.. Just look at this! Reminder- hot springs as well as area of Furnas (where famous cozido is made) smells so bad.. I think that’s how I imagine the farts of shrek, but the second you are inside the hot water you don’t give a damn..

After being totally relaxed in hot springs- good food is needed, but for this click in another post – Getting fat in Açores




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