Getting fat in Açores

Before moving to Portugal I was searching all the cheap and available possibilities to travel from Lisbon to another places and one of the top on my list was Açores islands. Two weeks ago I flighted from Lisbon to Ponta Delgada, São Miguel  with Ryanair, I think  the ticket both ways was around 40 euros, but I booked it 2 moths before the travel.

I spent there just 4 days, but I must say I was amazed enough that after coming back home I already started to search another cheap tickets for summer. I know January maybe not the best month to travel, but just look at this picture…


First I was writing this post it was so long that I decided to make 2 parts and start  with the most important thing for me- FOOD. As very proud not vegetarian person I was more than happy to try proper steaks. Straight after landing, checkin into hostel, hungry meat lovers went to small restaurant called- Cachapa, it was recommend by local- always the best is to ask! I tried the restaurants special bife de vaca com batatas fritas and I feel in love immediately- meat from happy cows really tastes better, but the job made here the sos:


This taste is so amazing I can remember it in my mouth even now! I thought I’m gonna need to live without it for some time (no liquids in Ryanair carry on luggage..) but how was i surprised to see it in the airport! So I bought it and can add it to any kind of meat, it is a bit spicy which I love.

Off course I would not be myself If I wouldn’t try local cheese, they have big variety from every island different ones, my favourite was São Jorge, liked it so much that bought some in local store to take home (I’m still eating it..)


As you can see in the suitcase I bought as well some Gorrena tea from the tea factory (which is btw the only tea factory in Europe!), you can find it in all stores but the geek of tea needed to go to factory and buy it there.. but it worth it and and nice, you can see all the machines that are used to make it and try tea for free 🙂


Another thing every foodie should try is cozido das fornas- local dish made in the volcanic holes, I know sounds surreal that why here is the video – yes this big pot hides insides different kinds of meat and vegetables cooked together slowly by very hot steam. To be able to try this dish you need to make a reservation- call few hours before any local restaurant to book it- it’s so worth it, the only weird thing about this is the smell of sulfur.. it companions the region of Lagoa das Furnas all the way and I am pretty sure if you eat too much, your farts will smell exactly the same.


Cozido by itself may look weird for non-portuguese person but trust me- it tasted better than it looks!

For the seafood lovers Sao Miguel offers something you cannot try in any different place which is Lapas, google translate says limpets (?) in english but I would not believe it.. better just to see on a picture:

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 20.00.15
Picture from: (too full to even take a photo)

I can honestly recommend the restaurant where I tried it: Cais 20, it is a little bit pricey, but what the hell- it’s vacation ! Besides lapas we tried as well octopus- heaven in your mouth!!!

I wouldn’t be myself not to mention the drinks, if you are like me a Super Bock lover (Portuguese beer) you will love local beer Especial, it is very light and goes perfectly with all the heavy stuff I was eating (important: If you like Sagres- go away).

Btw that yellow thing is tremoços- perfect snack for those who doesn’t eat olives- hate them!IMG_0060

Off course I would not be myself not to try sangria and green wine- as good as in Lisbon and my new discovery red wine- Papa Figos- it’s so smooth and perfect\1.

When it comes to sobremessa (dessert)- my favourite part of a day, I must confess that I just tried one cheesecake- nothing special and chocolate cake- have eaten better, but to be honest every time after lunch I was so full that I did not even ask for anything besides coffee…

Got so hungry will stop writing now..




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